Our 55' Shrimp Boat the Kelly Anne. We have been providing fresh off the boat shrimp on the Gulf Coast for over 30 years!

Fresh & Local Shrimp Off The Boat

Shrimping on the Gulf Coast for over 30 years

Everyone knows that when it comes to shrimp, getting it locally and getting it fresh is the way to go. At Annan's Shrimp Co. we provide fresh off the boat shrimp caught right here on the Alabama Gulf Coast. We catch our shrimp in Mobile Bay on our shrimp boat, the 55' Kelly Anne. For over 30 years we have been helping both locals and visitors to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores enjoy fresh, delicious shrimp. Contact us today at (251) 981-3119 to find out availability and pricing, and to place your order!


Our fresh shrimp come in various sizes and counts. This way you can get exactly the amount you want, and the perfect size for the cooking method you plan to use. Counts per pound below are only estimates, and count will vary per order since we charge by weight.

  • Jumbo 10 to 15 per lb
  • Large 16 to 20 per lb
  • Medium 21 to 25 per lb
  • Small 26 to 30 per lb
Jumbo Shrimp - Contact us for fresh shrimp pricing.

Fresh Shrimp Pricing

Our fresh shrimp are sold raw, by the pound, and with heads attached. We offer deheading services for $0.25 per pound. Pricing varies based on several factors, and we always recommend you contact us to find out what we have available and our current prices. You can contact us by:


Along with catching and selling fresh shrimp, we also have 2 charter boats and would LOVE to take you fishing! Come aboard the 55' Summer Breeze or the 44' Gulf Rebel and you're sure to have a great time. We offer a wide variety of trips types and lengths, fishing on our own private reefs. We've been charter fishing in Orange Beach for over 50 years, and we are family owned and operated. You can learn more at GulfRebelCharters.com, or call us at (251) 981-3119 for trip, pricing and scheduling information.



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